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8 October 2012

“Avtodoria” company became Skolkovo resident

“Avtodoria” company became Skolkovo resident

“Avtodoria” company, IT-park of Kazan resident, was successfully examined by innovation center of Skolkovo and became the resident. This status grants privileges in project realization and promote in Russian and international market.

“Avtodoria” implements innovation platform in the sphere of traffic safety. On the base of the platform is possible to realize wide range of new systems: intelligent control of traffic lights, road capacity analyzing, current information of traffic jams and others.

By this time “Avtodoria” realized module of traffic rules implementation by measuring average speed of vehicle during a distance. System fines rule-breaker if he or she exceeds speed limit. “Avtodoria” is certificated system and has useful model patent and patent of the Eurasian Patent Organization. The unique development was presented to Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russian Federation, Rustam Minnikhaniov, President of Republic of Tatarstan, heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and get their high regards. Now “Avtodoria” is working in a test mode.

Director of “Avtodoria” company, Anton Kukhovarenko, notes that Skolkovo resident status confirms importance of this development and effective work of project team.