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  • Startobaza is a managing company that supports startups in the sphere of information technology
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    rapid growth of the project
  • Our goal is to build from startup stable and fast-growing business
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RealSpeaker RealSpeaker is an application, which increases the accuracy of speech recognition and transforms it into the text by the video expansion that analyzed the motion of the lips. Avtodoria Avtodoria develops innovative systems of traffic infraction detection and data processing to ensure road safety. It is possible to create new range of systems that are based on Avtodoria: monitoring compliance with speed limits, traffic lights control, provision traffic congestion information. StartPack Startpack is a platform that unites necessary cloud applications for business, provides centralized access to apps and allows unified pay system anytime and anyplace. Nebo "Nebo" is online accounting that helps keep account and financial activity of the company in any convenient place: in a cafe, at home, in office, on a business trip. "Nebo" provides comprehensive automation for conducting business, actual update legislation and feedback from contractors. You only need access to the Internet. Digital Loyalty System Digital Loyalty System develops services of purchases and loyalty registration, which gives sellers a convenient tool for creating loyalty programs based on bank cards and allows consumers to receive bonuses, discounts and personalized offers. Smart Start Smart Start is an application that helps find dream-job for young specialists and starlets for company in three clicks in networks. SpeakPhone SpeakPhone is an effective alert system of events in a district and the way to contact emergency services via intercom.


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